Sunday, February 21, 2010

Writing Poll

One of my creative hobbies is writing. I do alot of it, but not much of it I do for myself. Most of it, right now, is for school. Since I was an English major in undergrad, I could mix in my own writing with class assignments, but not anymore.

At some point in my life, I found a website called HPANA. I believe it was sometime in junior year of college. This website had a very active forum that included a special place for fanfictions. In there, I made so many good friends. I've been able to keep in touch with several through fb, even though I'm sadly not active in the forums anymore. I keep hoping I can be active again after graduation. (So much of my life is on hold until after graduation.)

One of my friends from the forums is Tami, aka Tart. Her blog is a fun and insightful read for anyone who is looking to better their writing, and she blogs about other things as well. She put up a poll and is looking for ANYBODY to answer the following questions:

1)How old were you when you had your first fantasy of writing novels?
2)How old were you when you began writing FOR FUN? (rather than assignments)
3)When did you start writing SERIOUSLY (like trying to be published)?
4)Where are you in your career? (HAVE you published? How many books have you written?)

So, if you are a writer, please either follow the link and comment on her blog, or put your answers in a comment on my post and I'll pass them on to her. Thanks!

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