Monday, March 29, 2010

i heart faces Challenge - Dramatic B&W

This week's theme for the i♥faces challenge is Dramatic B&W. Not just any black and white face shot, but one that is dramatic - whether it is the angle, the shading, the contrast.

I had taken this shot of my older brother a few weeks ago when I was doing different angles for last week's challenge. I didn't change much with the contrast because I am still practicing with the actions I downloaded that fix skin tones and such.

Do you prefer to convert your color photos to black and white BEFORE or AFTER smoothing out the skin and enhancing facial features?


Melissa said...

great shot....I usually edit my pics in color and converting to black and white is usually my last edit.

Camile Teresa said...

Cute pic! I agree with Melissa. I edit the picture in color, convert to BW or other color effect and then fix anything that needs tweaking.

SBSAKE Photography said...

Great shot, makes me wonder what he is thinking. I guess it depends but most of the time I'm editing in color and then when I'm not liking the feel of it, I convert to B&W. But if I someone is looking for an example of something in B&W, alot of times I will convert first since I know that is the direction I am going. Thanks for asking, it got me thinking.

Lena said...

Great shot, I love how his face fills the frame. And the b&w makes it stand out beautifully.