Monday, March 01, 2010

i heart faces Challenge - Hilarious Outtakes

For today's challenge, I searched through all my albums for my hilarious outtakes. It was difficult because I'm more of a candid shooter. I don't enjoy posed pictures at all. But I managed to find some that were giggle-inducing.

This first one is from this past December, when my family went down to Delaware to visit more family. I was enjoying shooting my dad and grandma as they were looking through old photo albums, but then my 10 year old cousin randomly jumped in front of the camera. I was totally not expecting it, but I love how he is peeking over the edge of the frame.

This next one is from my younger brother's birthday party in August of 2008. My friends kicked all the little kids out of the bouncy castle and I curled up in a corner to shoot. It's so blurry but it's so fun.

And for the last one, it's from my birthday in 2007. It was perfect, my boyfriend and my best friend smiling serenely... Then suddenly, someone yelled bunny ears. For some unknown reason, Jon ended up with 4 ears.

None of these photos were edited at all. I figured it'd be best to have clean, virgin images. I also have a list of other things to get done, and unfortunately, editing photos is at the bottom right now. And they are all HUGE because I uploaded them to photobucket and linked out. Much easier, but I will probably avoid that from now on. I absolutely hated how big they were, so I took out the pb links and just uploaded straight to blogger.


Julia Spencer said...

Nice one with the head in the photo! ;)

shopannies said...

so cool and fun

Lena said...

4 bunny ears lol love it! That bouncy castle looks fun!

CapturedbyTrisha said...

lol! I like the one of the cousin getting in the pic frame! =) Classic!