Saturday, March 20, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Orange



I'm excited to see
what everyone chose to photograph for this color.
Carrots are ugly!
Let's see some creativity.

I chose a lotion bottle.
I put it on my nightstand,
which is a chaotic display of
purple glitter and colorful calendar blocks.

Yes, that is a lava lamp in the background.
I love them.
I want to live in one.
I can stare at it for hours.
(Simple pleasures.)


Lena said...

I thought I might have to miss this one because our weekend got flip-flopped. But yay, I got the post up in time!
Nice shot, and they did a great design on the bottle for the name. Very smiley and happy. =)
Lava lamps are awesome.

Vintage Remixed said...

Hi Lena, thanks for the visit. Cool shot with the crayons.