Monday, March 08, 2010

The next 6 weeks

This week’s challenge over at i♥faces is Jump for Joy. I have SO MANY pictures of kids jumping on trampolines, from when I was a nanny a few years ago. However, all of those pictures are on my old laptop and I have not yet emptied the hard drive, even though my dad repeatedly tells me that the laptop is about to croak. I’m thinking of buying an external hard drive anyway, because I have to give back my school laptop when I graduate.

So, the point of that whole story was that I don’t have an entry this week. Instead, I’m following up with my Color Splash Sunday that I started yesterday. I have one interested blogger, so I am going to keep it up, in hopes that it will gain more followers after a few weeks.

I picked some themes and I’ve decided to keep it simple for the next 6 weeks:

o March 14th: RED

o March 21st: ORANGE

o March 28th: YELLOW

o April 4th: BLUE (I skipped green because I did that already!)

o April 11th: PURPLE

o April 16th: PINK

For these themes, what I recommend is taking several pictures of items that are a certain color (whichever color is that week). At the end of the week, copy them all to one folder so you can compare them all. Choose one that has lots of competing colors, or a distracting background. **Make sure that the item you want to be colored is in focus!** Open it up in your preferred program (photoshop, pse, gimp, or photobucket), and then proceed as necessary. Remember, some photos might need to be edited before converted to black and white, and even after, as well. It depends not only on the photo, but also on your individual taste.

Hope to see some color splash next week!


Lena said...

Nice, red's my favorite color!
Yeah, my husband's not budging much either. I have like $300 from some things that I sold on eBay, so now I'm exploring my options there.
Looks like the ones I want top out at $500 though... time to sell some more stuff! =)

Amy said...

Ooh, you're better than me. The ones I want are closer to $900. I'm hoping it'll be a wedding present... if I ever get married. ;)