Thursday, March 25, 2010

YouCapture - A Moment... or two.


This week's theme for YouCapture is "A Moment."

I took this first photo last week; it's a photo of a photo. I had actually started with the letters for FRIENDS on my magnetic whiteboard because I was getting it together to do a Making Words lesson with my student at tutoring*. I always love how the letters look so bright on the whiteboard. This time, as I was looking at the letters, I got randomly inspired. So, I grabbed one of my favorite photos of FRIENDS from my college graduation party and used the letters to hold it up on the board. It really portrays a moment of happiness, a moment I will never forget and always cherish.

My second moment is an old photo from last September. It's a moment of love and affection between a mother and her youngest son. Even though he is grown up (and taller than her), he will always be her baby. And yes, that's my mom, because that's quite obviously my little brother, Matt, the one I always feature in photos.

*Making Words lessons/activities are one of my favorite technique for early/emergent readers. It benefits a student in so many ways: phonemic awareness, agency, tactile-kinesthetic learning, correct spelling, problem solving, pattern recognition, etc. And it's fun, too! Children love being able to manipulate the letters and move them around to play with sounds and create words. I've got several printed articles on it, but I don't have a link, or I would share the wealth. Maybe I'll write up a post on it one day....


Lena said...

Oooh oops, I missed this one!
Love the shots. The first one is so colorful, and the second one is perfectly toned and makes me focus on the moment instead of all of the other 'distractions'.

patty said...

sweet moments... :)

{and love your background!}