Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A koosh ball

My desk, complete with a koosh ball, my NCAA bracket, my cell phone, and a tin of tea. My bracket is doing well; I’m actually in first place in my office pool. I just need Butler to win this weekend. The tea is early grey supreme; it’s amazing. I drink it almost every night. But the koosh – it’s the most important thing there. It keeps my hands busy when I am watching movies or editing photos. It keeps me focused, even though it seems like it would actually distract me. This is me in March. Simple pleasures for simple minds.

1 comment:

Cecily R said...

My bracket is awful, HOWEVER. My husband's is worse. So I'm all good. :)

I like the selective coloring in this shot. It totally works here (I think in some cases it's overused and weird, but when it works like this shot, I really like it).

By the way, on your process/specific praise comment, I've heard it both ways too. I love the concept because it's something easy to do that can make a whole lot of difference in parenting (and in relationships in general I've noticed). Even someone as frazzled and lame as me can make it happen. :)