Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Story Friday - A Rose

This beautiful, everlasting rose is from a wedding.
It was a beautiful wedding.
I wasn't there, unfortunately,
because I couldn't afford a plane ticket
to the state the wedding was being held in.
But Jon was there; he was in the party.
This rose was on his jacket during the ceremony.
He gave it to me when he came home,
because he knew I had been upset about missing the wedding.

This rose is fake, so it will last forever, as love usually does.
The sad truth is that love DOESN'T always last forever.
It can end in silence, loneliness, heartbreak, violence.
The end of love can be internally caused by one person, or by both.
Perhaps one person is not ready for love,
or maybe the two aren't compatible with each other,
despite their strong feelings.
The end of love can also be caused externally
by family members or friends or even enemies.
A natural disaster or societal tragedy can tear lovers apart
physically or emotionally.

There are so many factors that can affect the strength and endurance of love.

There is no way of knowing if love will last
or it will end
or it will be forced out.

The important part
is knowing how much you are willing to give up
to find out.

PhotoStory Friday
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Camile Teresa said...

Love the effect of that picture!