Thursday, March 18, 2010

RAW(e) - Distractions

I'm sitting here, being distracted by several things, while I am looking at my distraction photos. I am currently being distracted by little things like steam rising out of my hotpot, the smell of chocolate powder, and the brand new hairbrush I just bought that I am excited to try out.

My usual distractions range from concrete activities like watching movies, blogging, and listening to music, to severely abstract activities like daydreaming, planning, and hoping. They distract me from school, from work, from Jon, and from myself (even though I like to pretend that they don't).

Yet, at the same time, the things that I am distracted from can BE distractions. School can distract me from work, and vice versa. And Jon, well, he can distract me from breathing.

I just got distracted in the middle of writing this blog to make my hot chocolate. And eat some whipped cream out of the can. And drink half of my hot chocolate.

I chose this photo of the book I am currently reading as my RAW(e) photo of distractions for a few reasons. First, I like how it is focused on the words, "I am grateful." Second, I love to read. Third, books (in the concrete form) are a major distraction for me. Fourth, reading (in the abstract form) is another major distraction for me. It leads to daydreaming and hoping and imagining.

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Jess :) said...

Cool picture. Distractions are so tough for me because they are ALWAYS present. I've really enjoyed this week's topic that Sami chose.

I do have to say that I had to SMILE when you mentioned eating whipped cream out of the can!! Too fun!

Sailor and Co said...

Whipped cream? Just had some out of the can yesterday. Nice shot ;)