Thursday, March 11, 2010


Just a reminder, Color Splash Sunday is officially starting
this Sunday!
The theme is red. (2 interested bloggers!)
Themes for the next 6 weeks can be found here.

I found another challenge/meme,
as if I really need another one to join.
I'm up to 6 now, including my own and the iheartfaces challenges.

I bought crayons today.
I need them for a challenge,
but I couldn't find any anywhere.
I have markers and pens and highlighters galore,
but no crayons at my dorm or in my office.

Who would have thought that
a college bookstore sells crayons?!

There's so much more I want to type out here.
I'm finding blogging to be very therapeutic,
but I have to remember that
my followers don't need to know every detail.
I love that I can type up a post, save it, and leave it unpublished.

Maybe someday all those unpublished posts
will become public knowledge.


Lena said...

Even big kids need to color!
Heheh your post reminded me of the last House episode. Don't know if you watch the show, but they were making some serious (although covert) fun of a blogger.

Amy said...

Apparently! :)

I haven't watched House in so long, I think I am 2 whole seasons behind. But I might have to hit up hu|u and watch some clips to see that!

Laura said...

I'll have to try and get a photo of something red by Sunday!

That's funny that you found crayons in the college bookstore... that's where my boyfriend bought them for me too! :)

And I, too, have several unpublished posts. Sometimes it just feels good to write it all out even if no one will ever see it.

Amy said...

That's cool; I figured this college bookstore had them because we have a great education program for future teachers.

It really DOES feel good... like a childhood diary, but so much more private.