Friday, April 30, 2010

Fix It Friday #52


This is the original photo.

This is my color edit.

This is my black & white edit.

I'm torn...
I love how she is really the focus in the color edit
(all by hand, no actions).
But I also love the softness of the Creamy Chocolate B&W action.
Which one do YOU like better?
And, if you want to do your own edits of this photo or see other edits, head on over to iheartfaces.


Mary said...

both are great , but i love the color edit!

Marlis said...

I love the color one too, and i love how you put your logo on the bridge.

Jessie said...

I like the color on as well but you did a great job on both!

Kim said...

I really like the b/w edit -- the black really pops!

Kylee said...

I like both, but the color is my favorite! I love how you punched up the colors!