Monday, April 26, 2010

i heart faces Challenge - Smiles

This week's theme over at iheartfaces is smiles! My bro Matty has a great smile, compete with dimples and bright eyes.

Isn't he too cute?! It's no wonder all the girlies in his class at school want to be his girlfriend.

Luckily, he's determined to stay a bachelor!


And this is a good chance for me to ask for some editing tips.

Teeth: Let's be honest, most normal humans (non-celebs)
don't have sparkly white teeth.
When editing your pics,
do you make teeth white or
do you leave them as is?
I tried it, but I didn't like how fake it looked.
I'm stuck!


Lisa said...

Great photo composition. I never change teeth, but I love to brighten eyes.

texasholly said...

I love it. I don't usually change teeth...because I haven't found a way to do it that doesn't look really fake, but I might lighten a few areas. I usually mess more with color saturation than anything else. I use Picnik which is super easy.

zbluesun said...

He looks so retro 1950's. Future hipster? Cute smile.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

He does have a wonderful smile!

I don't fix teeth - partially because I'm not sure how to do so without it looking fake, but also because I don't know that it's something urgent to fix. :)

Natasha said...

I wish I knew how to edit pictures a little better. I need help too!

This is a great picture BTW!

Best wishes,