Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo Story Friday - Carbon Neutral x3!

PhotoStory Friday
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When I first read about Carbon Neutral, I got excited. I'm not a tree-hugger, per se, but I do like to do whatever I can to help save our beautiful planet from being destroyed.

I conserve energy.
I recycle.
I reuse anything I can.
I keep electronic devices
until they truly don't work anymore,
and then I give them to organizations
that either fix and resell,
or dispose of them properly.
I don't litter.
I walk across campus to work,
rather than driving.

So, reading about being able to neutralize carbon emissions indirectly caused by my blog, gave me another way to pitch in. And it was so easy - all I had to do was add a button to my blog, write up a post about it, and then email the organization who is running this movement. (It's called Carbon Neutral, and I've just linked to it 3 times in this paragraph.) Then, THEY plant a tree for you.

It's so simple; why isn't everyone doing this?!

Because I approve of this, heart and soul, I took it a step further. I have enough time and energy to help out a little more. So, I put up the offer to plant ANOTHER tree for everyone else who joined in.

I planted a peach tree for myself, a lilac bush for Marlis, and a princess holly bush for Cherees (for your princess Sephy). Many thanks to these 2 lovely ladies for taking 5 minutes out of their busy schedules to follow along. (I've also got another lovely lady, Carol, who joined 2 days ago. I'll be planting a tree for you ASAP!)

My offer still stands. If you link up here, then I will plant a tree for you, too. (3 lovely ladies - I've added your links to start.) This Linky will last 365 days, so don't feel pressured. ;) When you link, use the direct link to your Carbon Neutral post.

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  2. Marlis
  3. Cherees
  4. Carol

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Sephysmomma said...

I love the princess holly bush!! Thank you for doing planting that. :)

Cecily R said...

What a cool idea from you AND Carbon Neutral!

Carol E. said...

So cool! Thanks for planting a tree for me!! I love that. So there's the original tree, the one you planted, and I will plant one.. that's THREE trees to offset my blog use. Fabulous!

Marlis said...

THANKS SO MUCH, i love that you are doing this. The more trees that get planted the better and even better if they are going to be there in 100 years time.

I so wish i had some land to plant a tree on, but what i can say is i am just making a vege garden on my backony. So that will save somthing too. AS long as the plants don't die.