Monday, April 19, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010 - After Party

What I learned during the UBP'10:
There are countless bloggers named Amy.

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Wow, what a party! Lots of mingling, lots of chatting, lots of tweeting, and lots of new friendships formed. I had a record high in page views and comments (yea, 16 comments on one post is A LOT for me). I also got a new follower, who just happens to be named Amy. Cool, eh?!

I did find several new blogs that I am now following. Here are 3 randoms:

-Faith at Simplicity (no button)

-Amy at Coffee Lovin' Mom


-Laura at Mama's Laundry Talk

If you found me during UBP'10 and aren't following yet, please do! Even if you found me randomly, go ahead and add me to your list. I'm following everyone who is following me, and I visit every blogger who comments on my page. An eye for an eye... only, in a nice way.

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