Monday, August 30, 2010

Fix It Friday #68

It's Monday?!?! No way!

Just kidding. I know it's Monday. But I had such a crazy-busy weekend. Lots of progress in my life right now, with the wedding and with other decisions. I don't want to jinx anything by gushing before it's all set in stone, though, so I am going to hold off on revealing how utterly awesome my life is.

Disclaimer: This is not my photo. I did not take it.
Copyright belongs to iheartfaces and the original photographer.

I did the FIF challenge last week because I wanted to practice using LR3. (Oh yeah, I got that 30 day trial since I am still without pse.) I have developed some techniques that work... I think. And I downloaded some gorgeous presets from Isabelle Lafrance. It helps to apply a preset and watch the sliders move so I can see how it effects the photo.

Here is the original photo:

Here is my own color edit:

Here is a color edit using a preset:

Here is a black and white edit using a preset:

I like the preset color edit because it gives it a vintage, autumn-y, buttery feel. But I like my color edit because the colors on the dress really pop and she is framed by the grass and the sky.


Mrs Mar said...

Love the way the colors pop on the color edit and they way the blury grass down the bottom and the graish part of the sky make a border around her.

beingzaraandzidan said...

hey Amy,ur really quick. Btw, i love yr edit. U have given a life to the pic. great job!

Mama Hen said...

Hey Amy! How are you my friend? I love the second picture and the black and white! Beautiful photo! Have a great day!

Mama Hen