Monday, August 02, 2010

i heart faces Challenge - Random Acts of Kindness

This is an off week for Angie and Amy. The theme is Random Acts of Kindness. (For more about that, see below.) Since it is not a challenge week, I wanted to take some time to show off some photos from a wedding back in May. The happy couple has 3 kids and very little money, not to mention that we have been friends with the family for ages and ages, so my dad offered to shoot their wedding for free. He did most of the shooting, I did most of the editing. Here are some of my favorites from the reception:

So, the reason that the theme this week is Random Acts of Kindness is this:

This is an organization that "centers around Professional Photographers taking photos for families of children who are ill." (Source) Angie met several photographers who are involved in this charity, and wanted to spread the word. I personally think it's a great organization. I mean, how much more generous can you get?! Families with sick kids are so worn out and so drained - emotionally and financially - that getting photos of their kids is the last thing on their mind. And trying to pay for professional photos so you can have their youth and innocence captured forever? Virtually impossible.

So, to the creators of The Littlest Heroes Project, you rock.


Mrs Mar said...

Looks like they had a grate wedding, lots of smile and lughter. Grate pics.

Christina said...

this warmed my heart, because i have done the same thing, your dad did. i never tire of seeing happy couples, hold the photos of the big day, in their hands
what a gorgeous couple.

blessings to you and your dad, for having such kind hearts.
: )

Becca said...

I love it! :-) And I'm sure they loved and appreciated their pictures so so much!

FootPrints said...

that looks so fun!

Elly Yang said...

The wedding looks a lot of fun. The pictures are awesome.