Friday, August 13, 2010

A Visual Representation of My Hobbies

Today, we are planning to relax by the pool, hang out, and then go to Medieval Times for dinner.

I am just going to give you a random photo for today. Stayed tuned for the guest posts!

PS - If you have been reading my blog in a reader, you should click over and see my new design! I redesigned it myself using the blogger designer because I didn't like the way it looked on wide screens. Now, it should look fine on all screens. Please let me know if it's stretched out or squished. Thanks!


Amber said...

Great new header!

H.B.Markor said...

Ah, this design is much better, the other new one was getting a bit hard to read.

Enjoy your relaxing day Amy!

Ashley Sisk said...

Looking good. I checked out blog designer and got scared that it would erase all the effort I've put in already so I didn't mess with it. But yours looks good.

Melis said...

Blog designer ate my blog ;o) So, Ashley, if you've put lots of effort and HTMLing and all that into your blog - stay away! This did turn out nicely!