Friday, August 06, 2010

PSF - Cheerleading

Cara over at Mischief and Laughs has started up a new meme called Photo Roulette Friday. She will post a number, no, 2 numbers, and we'll post the photo that we find using those numbers.

Today's numbers are 1(18), so the 18th photo in the 1st folder. The first folder in my 2010 folder is my Project Bedroom folder. My goal was to photograph every single item in my room that means something to me. I was using my dad's dslr, and I was definitely shooting in auto mode. Yuck. Not even pse could save this photo (which works for me, since I don't have pse anymore *cries*).

Anyway, this is my cheerleading trophy from senior year of high school. (I blocked out my last name and my high school's name.) I started cheering in 7th grade and really got into it in sophomore year of high school, when I made the varsity team. My high school team's coaches (a mother and daughter) were awesome. I have such fond memories of cheering in high school, even though I didn't really fit in with the rest of the girls. I was basically the only girl on the team who cheered because of the sport, not because of the other perks.

I also cheered for 3 different all-star teams and 2 different Open (college-level) teams, spanning about 10 years of my life. I miss cheerleading so much now. I coached junior high girls for a few years with my mom, but we just gave that up this year. I hope I get the chance to coach again in the future.

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Christine said...

Hi, I found you at Follow Me...I am happy to follow you...

Brandi said...

Hi I am from New Friend Fridays.. love the idea of taking photos of everything that means something to you!

Mei said...

Hi, I stopped over from the Follow Me's. It sounds like you are an awesome cheer coach!

Anonymous said...

I like that idea - photographing everything that means something to you! I might try that! I would say I, too, miss cheering, but it's been so very long I can barely remember it :-)

Hart Johnson said...

Cheerleading? But you're a Harry Potter geek! [says the Harry Potter geek] fun pic though, and fun to learn this shameful piece of your past *cough* (says the geek again)

Amy said...

I love new friends! :)

Tami, it's far from shameful. Without cheerleading in my past, I don't know where I'd be today. I made some great friends, I learned valuable lessons, and it's kinda how I got interested in "my sweet baboo" (as you refer to him). He was on the varsity football team, so I cheered for him in high school. ;)

Candace said...


I'm stopping by from Photo Roulette. I, too, love the idea that you are photographing the important things in your life. My stepdaughter transitioned from cheerleading to coaching. She loves the sport. Have a great weekend! Candace

Cara. said...

That's really cool, photographing stuff that's important to you. I did quite a bit of that last year when I was doing project 365, just trying to fill up days (or *gasp* make up for days I missed, ha ha)

Thanks for linking up!