Friday, May 07, 2010

Lilacs and some new challenges

I absolutely love lilacs - the color, the smell, the flowers! We have 2 lilac bushes in my backyard, and it is a favorite photo spot for me.

Before (Nikon d80):

After (pse7):

I'm entering these into some new photo challenges:
Simplicity Blog Hop
Pixel Perfect Before & After.


Donna said...

I really love it when photos are "warmed" up. Sometimes I fix the white balance only to discover that I much preferred the original with the golden undertones. Your edit makes a really lovely sprig of flowers so much nicer to look at. Calm and warm and pretty. Perfect!

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loki photography said...

Yummy! I think we can all agree that Lilacs are the best! and what a pretty, warm edit, with some great bokeh!

Amy said...

Very nice shot, and edit!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous...i love the warmth too.