Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick note

I made a button for my blog! You'll see it if you scroll down a smidge and look to the right. It's nothing special, and it's too big, but I plan on redoing it soon... if I can come up with something cuter/better/more attractive. So, for now, grab it anyway, and when I change it, the image will change automatically on your page.

I also added a "Blog Button" page, if you move your eyes up a couple inches. I've added several of my favorite bloggers to that page, but if you would like to added, just let me know!

And if anyone wants to offer to make me a new button, because mine is lacking in creativity, please feel free! :)

Also, check the Color Splash Sunday page to get more information on next week's theme: FLAGS!

And a random raw photo:

Jon loves his Dew.


Marlis said...

Liking your button, but you don't need all those br / tags in the code... ;)

Gail said...

Your button is CUTE. I should do the same... but don't know how to work any code stuff :)

I should also make a button page too. Good idea!

Amy said...

Thanks, Marlis, I forgot to take out the unnecessary stuff!

Gail, you should definitely make a button! Something cute with the crown, like in your header.