Saturday, May 08, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Colorful Food

First, I have to give a warm, virtual hug to all my blogger friends who are moms. Today's is Mother's Day (In America), so I wanted to just say that you all, you moms, are really superheros. I'm thinking of one of my best friends, who can't be with her mom today, and I'm thinking of the mom in NYC who "threw away" her 2-month-old, and I'm thinking of all the women in this world (especially my cousin) who can't have babies. And it makes me really grateful that I live with my mom, even though she is overbearing at times and fills up my desk with newspaper help wanted ads. Because, despite that, she did raise me to value family over anything else. That's all I need, family. And someday soon, I'll raise my unborn babies the same way.


This week's theme is COLORFUL FOOD. I thought of this about 3 weeks ago, around Earth Day. I had been visiting various blogs through UBP'10, and found one sporting a great sugar cookie idea. She had used food dye to make blue and green swirled cookies to look like little Planet Earth's! I thought it was so cute and immediately I wanted to try it out.

Alas, I just didn't have time to do any baking, until this weekend. It was my first weekend with no work and no homework (no more grad class!). I made a delightful mess and some delicious pink and purple swirled sugar cookies.

30 minutes later, there were only 4 left from the 3 dozen I made. Cookies go fast in this house.

Linky is up, it lasts until Wednesday night. No rush to link up! Please read this to ensure that your photo fits the theme.


Lena said...

Yay I'm back! But I wish I was more prepared for this challenge lol time to go raid the fridge for some colorful food and snap some photos so I can link up.
And thank you for the sweet wish!

beingzaraandzidan said...

Happy mothers day to u too! Thanx for all the beautiful words u mentioned.
I like ur picture. U sure are talented. I will try to do something on it, but not today as I had a real busy day. Hopefuly tomorrow.

Marlis said...

Its mothers day here too. My food pic is of what I made for all the mums in my partners family. Just about to write up the post.