Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Monday - Jewelry

Jon hit his 10-year anniversary of working at his current job back in September. He was given a little catalog to look through so he could pick a nifty present, but he couldn't find anything that he particularly wanted. So he let me pick out a present, since we don't give each other gifts at birthdays or Christmas anymore. (We stopped that a long time ago.)

Here is my present:

I chose the pearls because I don't have a good pearl necklace, and I feel like every girl should have a good pearl necklace. I think it's because of this picture:

Such a classy woman.

Anyway, I wouldn't look good wearing such an elaborate set of pearls, but I think one simple strand is the perfect finishing touch for me.

And now for a new link-up. Well, it's not new... But this is my first time linking up. It's the Love Your Shot link-up! The theme this month is Love.

Never mind. I am not submitting this photo into LTS's link-up because one of the rules is that photo needs to be taken in February. My photo is from January, yet another photo from our Disney vacation.

Oh well. I'm leaving my photo up anyway because I just love it!

Two little girls who love their daddy so much that, even when they are chasing each other around Disney and playing with each other, they will run up to him for a quick hug before running off again.

And if anyone has any good Love photos that they took in the past 2 weeks, you should go link up with Love That Shot. CLICK HERE for more info.


Allie said...

I love the idea of the Scrabble letters! Great shot! Thanks for linking up! :)

Mira said...

Hi! Stopping by from Allie's. :) That's a great present and a lovely shot!