Saturday, February 12, 2011

SOOC Saturday & LEM Photo Challenge

My SOOC photo today is of some Valentine's Day candy. Jon and I don't celebrate this "holiday" because our dating anniversary is just 2 weeks away. The candy is from a gift bag from his job. Not actually from anyone he works with, but a leftover gift bag from a wedding.

And I have to admit, this photo is not entirely SOOC. I ran it through noiseware and watermarked it. I think I deleted my actual SOOC shot after editing because I was very unhappy with my shoot photos from the other morning. I've long since outgrown my camera, but I have to make do until the money to buy a DSLR camera drops out of the sky and into my bank account.

SOOC Saturday

I am submitting my edited version of this photo into the LEM Photo Challenge because the theme this weekend is Valentine's Day. There's also the Scrabble Tile Word photo challenge, which has the same theme.


Anonymous said...

I love the scrabble tile idea!

Ray said...

Great shot and edit!

Lynda said...

Really cute set-up! I especially like your edit!

Tara said...

Very cute! Love the edit!!

Julia said...

Great set-up AND great shot!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh candy!! Yum!
This is so fun! Thanks for playing along!