Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday 6, 5, 1

So, the smart thing to do today (and for future Saturday posts) would have been to plan out which challenges & memes that I wanted to link up with, and use just 1 or 2 photos to enter all of them... Like I tried to do last week.

Apparently, I used up all of my mad condensing skillz last week.

Welcome to "6 photos, 5 challenges, 1 collage," aka "Amy is uncoordinated."

I used a textured frame from Shadowhouse Creations.


Come back tomorrow to see
my edit of this SOOC photo!

SOOC Saturday

The theme for Tara's LEM challenge this week is blue.



I am going to start featuring a different app
each week when I post my iPhone photos.

This week, I am going to tell you about Project 365,
which is my favorite iPhone photography app.

I love this app because it organizes of all of my daily photos. It also stores the photos so that I can delete them from my photo album. When I open the app and click on a date, I have the option to either add a photo from my album or take a photo with the in-app camera. If you import a photo from this app to your computer, the size it comes out is very small - 320x318. (Why the extra 2 pixels? I have no idea.)

My iPhone photo for today is one of Jon knocking icicles off our gutter/roofline. (Don't get scared, he wasn't hitting them violently with the shovel. No one's eyes were poked and no ice was flung in any direction.)

(I am also entering this into
Faith's Simplicity Photography Challenge
because the theme is weather.)

Here is the comparison with the SOOP (straight out of phone) photo
and the edited (with pse8) photo:


Kristy said...

LOL, Amy I love your texture twist! Shabby Edges are so pretty!

Joyful said...

Lovely photos. I like the textured frame too.

Susie B. Homemaker said...

I love the 1st photo with the textured frame. And Wow, that sky is sooo blue in the 3rd pic.

creatingme said...

Love your texture twist!

Marvelous Mommy said...

I love the picture of the snow and blue sky!! Is that a car under there??

Courtney said...

LOL - you crack me up! But I totally get it. I try to coordinate a couple of shots to cover a handful of challenges and end up with 10 different shots for 10 different hops. I had no idea there was a 365 iPhone app. SO gonna look this up. Thanks so much for linking up, Amy!

Anonymous said...

love your texture twist and iPhoneography!!! creative :-)

Tara said...

That sky is!! I also love your first capture!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know it is photo challenge time again & I would LOVE if you participated with one of your amazing photos again :)