Sunday, February 20, 2011

CSS - Ice Cream Cone

Welcome to Color Splash Sunday!

Color splash photos are those that have been converted to black and white, but one object has been left colored. Sometimes, it's easy to just isolate your colored object and you're done. Other times, more editing is required, such as adjusting color levels/light/shadow/etc.

This is an open themed link-up, so there won't be any specific themes for your photos. Any photo is fine, as long it has selective color and you haven't posted it before. You can read more about CSS guidelines by clicking here.

My 3 favorites from last week:

(These photos are all copyright of their original photographers.)

And the winner is...

Jessica over at Mommy to a Lil Ladybug! It was really hard this week; I even had to ask Jon's opinion. After some debate, we both agreed that Jessica's photo was the winner. (CLICK HERE to see it full size.)

Congrats, Jessica!
Feel free to snag this button
and display it on your blog!

Here is my photo for this week, taken at Honeydukes in Hogsmeade!

Your turn to link up! Please remember to use the permalink to your blog post with a selective coloring photo, NOT the main link to your blog. Thanks!


Lui said...

Hi Amy!
I love your ice cream edits!
Ha, I got ahead of Sweepy! ;-)

Lynda said...

Great selective color! I think my blood sugar went through the roof just looking at the ice cream parlor. :)

Susie B. Homemaker said...

That's an awesome photo. Looks like a cool ice-cream parlor. :)

Anonymous said...

aww thanks so much!

Jessica said...

Hey Amy! I removed and put the picture back up - so hopefully it works now! I love the ice cream shot, by the way. Makes me want summer even more!