Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Twisted Fate Photo Challenge - Broken

This is a broken Silly Band. A colleague of mine had a nephew with brain cancer. He sadly passed right before his 6th birthday. At the wake, they put out a basket of blue Silly Bands. They asked everyone to take a Silly Band and wear it in his memory because he loved them, and his favorite color was blue.

I wore mine until it broke.


Anonymous said...

Aw, very powerful story behind this. Beautiful photo.

I do have the link up now! :)

Thank you.

Serline said...

Actually, I did not know silly bands existed until our Pastor showed us some this past Sunday. And now it is highlighted in your post... serendipitous?

Michelle said... sad. What a nice tribute though. The stars in the background were brilliant!

Melis said...

Pretty photo... but I am WAY too hormonal right now to have read this without dissolving into a blubbery mess. My biggest fear is losing one of my babes... I can't handle the thought of them suffering through cancer and as selfish as it is, I can't handle the idea of them passing away and leaving us/me behind. Gah. (Crying again.) Seriously, it cripples me.

Bethe77 said...

What a beautiful band with a heart touching story that truly shows there is always more to the picture then what meets the eye. I came by via Twisted Fate photo challenge. Blessings to you.