Thursday, February 10, 2011

YouCapture - Cold

This was an easy theme to capture! It has been so cold and snowy lately. No lack of lower temps here in New York.

My first photo was taken on my iPhone and processed using the Instagram app. It's from a snowfall... I honestly don't remember when. We've had snow pretty much every other day. An inch or two here, a foot there, and then a dusting two days later. There is a photo of local church sign circulating around facebook. You know those message boards where they post inspirational quotes or questions? This church posted a pleading message: Whoever is praying for snow... Please stop.

This next photo is a couple weeks old, but I had to share it. We've had accumulations totaling almost 2 feet over the past few weeks. This is at my parents' house. We are all very glad that we didn't get this much snow in one storm!

I have lots more photos of this winter on my iPhone, but I have to transfer the rest of them to my laptop. I'll post more this weekend!



Eppyville said...

Great shots!!!

Christy said...

I like the iPhone picture! pretty!