Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twisted Fate Photo Challenge - Heroes

Everyone who knows me just a little, knows that my younger brother is my hero. He is kind and loving, funny, courageous. He has endured much more physical pain and suffering than most people I know, but he stays strong throughout all of it. It makes me cry to see him cry, and it makes me happy to see him happy.

Bowling is one of his favorite activities. He goes twice a week, every week - once with his classmates and once with his Challenger League team. All of his teammates are my heroes. They are innocent angels, blessings sent from God to teach their families how to be better parents/sisters/brothers.

Taken with my iPhone and edited using the instagram app.


Bethe77 said...

AWESOME! I have tears in my eyes as I read your post. What a tribute to a wonderful brother. Thank you for sharing just a little piece of you and him. Great "HEROE" Choice! Blessings

Daogreer Earth Works said...

This is a great shot. I love these everyday moments. I found a photo very similar to this stuck in a library book once... it made me wonder about all of the stories the people in it could tell.