Monday, February 28, 2011

i heart faces Challenge - Anything But A Face

“Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes...
Anything But A Face!”

I choose....


Can I tell you how much I love taking photos of hands?

I love it a lot.

More than anything.

I especially love taking photos of Matt's hands.

Thank you, i♥faces, for giving us this theme.

This photo is from last May, when Matt's health was suddenly deteriorating and we had no idea why. during one of our trips to the hospital, in between all the blood draws and the tests, the doctors and the waiting, we would slip outside for some fresh air and sunshine. My long-time followers will remember how scared I was. When I go back and reread my posts from that time, pleading for prayers and unable to express my true feelings, those feelings come back.

It is a truly a blessing that we were his doctor was able to determine what had caused his systems to go haywire.


Anonymous said...

I love hands too! Great capture.

Anonymous said... glad to hear that this story and Matt had a happy ending ;) Love the photo and how clear it is. Good luck, fondly, Roberta

Presley family said...

What a sweet photo of hard times. LOVE it!

Taleah said...

What a story! Thanks for sharing!

Anika said...

great portrait! You still told a really great story without a face...good job!