Friday, July 16, 2010

Macro Friday #8

That's a shot of my brother's name tat. When I had been photographing his tats a few weeks ago, he specifically asked me to focus on the lightning bolt. I completely forgot I had these shots, so I was pretty happy to find them. Here's a full on view of his back.

Funny story: When we were at my uncle's house a couple of weeks ago, we were all hanging out by the pool, soaking up some sun. Dave was shirtless, and my cousin asked him what the blue symbol meant. He replied, "It stands for poor decisions." It made me crack up. (It doesn't actually mean anything.)

I've always loved his blue tat, but I keep telling him he needs to even it out and get something on the left side.

And yes, I got his permission before putting this photo up, since it has his first and middle name.

5 things I am thankful for this week:

1. Jon and I were able to plan a FL vacation without cutting into our tiny wedding budget!

2. I get to spend some quality time with Matty (my younger brother) this weekend because our parents are going to a wedding.

3. My family and friends are safe, happy, and healthy.

4. I am safe, happy, and healthy!

5. My job. The commute may be annoying, but I am so grateful I have a job with insurance and a steady paycheck.


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the cape on the corner said...

i used to list 5 things per day that were positive, b/c some days even the littlest things are all the reminders we need. i don't know, i was trying to not be so pessimistic, and i thought that would help!

Courtney said...

Cool! Lots of unique shots this week. Love it!

Cammy said...

Ooh! What part of FL are you going to?

*Wild Flower* said...

The lighting is cool on that photo.

My brother in law has several tattoos, but I have never thought of photographing them :)

Lynda said...

Cool tattoos!

The OriginalPsyn said...

Awesome Tat! Cool shot I love the use of black and white.

Mom of M&Ms said...

Awesome. great shot...

Laura said...

Cool shot! Great idea for a macro photo :)