Thursday, July 22, 2010

YouCapture - Black & White

This is the Canon that I was able to borrow from my future SIL, Melissa.

This is my dad's Nikon.

I took both of these using my Samsung point-and-shoot. Yea, I got it back! I've hardly been using it, though, because I am so nervous that it is going to malfunction again. But I did a lot of experimenting and comparing with all the different cameras. I learned that my point-and-shoot has a manual mode in which I can adjust white balance, ISO, and other settings. I also learned that I prefer to shoot in manual focus over auto focus, which is one huge disadvantage to the Samsung - I am at the mercy of the auto focus. And I learned that I am a Nikon girl. Sure, the Canon is 'easier' to use, but my hands are much more comfortable handling the Nikon. My fingers adeptly turn knobs and push buttons, whereas they fumble with the Canon, even after a few weeks learning about it. (No offense to the Canon girls out there!)



Amber said...

Fun editing I like the idea. My point and shoot is currently MIA when I Get it back I'm going ot have to take some shots of my DSLR.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I am a Nikon girl too. The first camera I really saved up for for a Nikon SLR, which I abandoned when I got a Canon digital.
Loved the Canon because it was a digital camera, but kept wanting a "real" camera.
Now I have a Nikon dSLR, and I am in heaven!

Melis said...

Meh, I'm both. I love that Canon like an extension of my own body, but I adore my Nikon D90 too... I haven't really found any reason to have a preference of one over the other... I guess since the Canon is so old and is limited by it's image processor and mega-pixels and features and all that jazz, it's kinda not even fair to compare it to the D90, which I'm convinced would fold my laundry if I could figure out how to make it. I love Canon lenses, for sure. I'm glad it's working out for you! And I'm glad to hear you got your Samsung back and can spend more time experimenting with it! Yay!

Cammy said...

I heart Nikon. I agre with you that the camera feels much better in my hands. I also think that the sound the Canon cameras make as the shutter opens and closes is very "toy-like". Nikons just sound so much nicer and more powerful! :)

Hollie said...

I love the contrast you used!

Anonymous said...

I have a Kodak Easyshare and I love it but I have been wondering about buying a Nikon or Canon so your comments are interesting.

bookaddict4real said...

I am A Canon girl but that Nikon does look easier
to handle if I could just get past my point and shot(Sony Cyber shot)