Tuesday, July 06, 2010

RAW(e) - Flowers


RAW(e) is run by Sami.
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What makes me happy?

Seeing these pretty purple flowers peeking through the posts on the deck to say hello to me.

Quick writing and BuNoWriMo update: Epic fail.

I wrote virtually nothing.

Getting engaged is really distracting.


Mar Pics said...

Love those flowers, am hoping my ones startd to grow soon.

I am not having any problems. But then my account isn't set to aprove comments. Hope it was just a glitch and they will be showing again.

Ashley Sisk said...

The flowers are beautiful. Time out - have we already discussed you getting engaged?I want details!

Serline said...

Who wouldn't be cheered up by such beautiful blossoms? 2 votes from my hubby (he stole mine too)!

I think there are some weird glitches with the comment feature. The count indicated on the blog is not tallying with the actual post :-(

Dee Crowe said...

I think alot of bloggers are having problems today with comments and moderationa nd whatnot. Right now my post is only showing one comment,,,but there are more...so there is a glitchy glitch somewhere!

Love the flowers btw!

leigh said...

They are like little purple friends! They are beautiful.

Lynda said...

That's a great SOOC shot! The colors and lighting are so good!

I missed it - did you get your camera situation straightened out or is this one from the archives?

Hart Johnson said...

I like purple flowers, too... and getting engaged is one of those acceptible distractions, because ideally, it only happens once. The wedding and delivery of babies are also acceptible. Otherwise: WRITE!

Laura said...

Beautiful shot! I love how they're peeking through like that :)