Thursday, July 08, 2010

You Capture - America

Cool gel decals that we put on my mom's van windows.
Yea, my dad ripped the R.
Still cool.


Keeli wants to know...
What are 5 things that have made me:

1. I live in a country where I can write God Bless America on my family's car windows.
2. My family is all safe and happy and healthy.
3. I get my first full-time paycheck tomorrow!
4. My engagement ring is sparkling on my finger.
5. I just found some leftover potato salad in the fridge and scarfed it down.

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Mama Hen said...

Hey Amy! Thank you for joining in! I will add your link now. Let me know earlier next week so I can have your link posted from the beginning! I love the picture and the fact that we can post this in our car if we want to!Congratulations on the first fulltime paycheck! Yippey! have a great night! I am posting my thank you tonight for the great award you gave me! Thank you again!

Mama Hen

Bec said...

Neat idea!!! They look like they are floating :)

Amber said...

Very fun.

kayni said...

great 5 list :) happy weekend. i'm so ready to get some proper sleep.