Friday, July 09, 2010

PSF - A Proposal

This is me and Jon. The college campus where we both went to school and where I used to live (up until 2 weeks ago) is utterly gorgeous. It has sweeping views of the Hudson River, scenic areas with beautiful trees and flowers, and quiet gardens full of romance and charm.

On June 15th, 2010, Jon and I were lounging in my dorm, getting ready to meet some friends for dinner. He was in an exceptionally affectionate mood. A little while before we needed to get in the car and go, he says to me, "Let's take a walk." Sure, why not? It wasn't hot out, we had time, and campus was very quiet, due to it being summer break.

So we meandered around campus, me with my camera taking pictures everywhere. We were slowly walking up around the small building that I work in, and I was chatting with a coworker that was passing by. Jon started to get a bit... pushy, but not in a bad way.

He nudged me up the hill and up some stairs that I knew led in a couple different directions. One little trail off the stairs led to a quiet garden tucked away behind another small building. He pulled me into the garden and I promptly got distracted by some flowers. So, I squatted down on the trail and starting taking pictures. I was facing away from him, and he was suddenly very quiet behind me, while I chattered on about the flowers and how pretty they were and how awful the light was.

After a few minutes, he says, "Why don't you come take pictures of these blue and purple ones over here?" Immediately, I got so excited! I thought, Jon is seeing photos like I do! I quickly turned around and walked over to him.

Hang on... "What are you talking about?? There's no blue flowers! They are pink and purple!"

"Look closer."

I practically shoved my face in the flowers, and then almost fell over. There, nestled inside the flowers, was a black box with a ring.

I started sobbing and laughing, all at once.

The rest is a bit of a blur. I know I shot right into his arms, and we hugged and kissed a lot. I know we both said some stuff, but all I remember is staring into his eyes and seeing myself, my future, my love. I never knew how amazing this could feel. With that little ring, our relationship took on a whole new level. Our love for each other strengthened and deepened to become something new, something magical; I never could have imagined it would feel like this, not in my wildest dreams.

Since then, I've felt myself changing and developing as I take on this new role - "fiance," soon to be "wife." Even through the wedding stress and disagreements that we are already having, I know my heart has doubled in size. Rather than making room for him, I've designated him as my sole love, and made room on the side for everything and everyone else. No matter what we go through, I know he'll always be there for me, and I'll always be there for him.

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Wedding update: We've actually gotten a lot done in the past few weeks! It feels like we still have SO MANY decisions, even though I know that we are ahead of schedule.
-We've picked a weekend (although not a set date) - the 3rd weekend in August, 2011.
-We've toured 2 different venues and are touring one more this afternoon.
-We started comparing venue prices, and we are trying not to pick a place until after we see one more, but we already have a favorite.
-We also narrowed down our church choices to 2 - his choice and mine. We are going to push to get my choice, though, because we both want it.
-I've handed off some responsibilities to him - booking a DJ and arranging transportation (limo, shuttle bus, etc.).
-We sat down with my mom and his mom to make a guest list. We are way over our original limit, but both of us have Italian families with plenty of aunts/uncles/cousins/friends that can't be left out. We've topped it where it's at now, so it can only go down.
-We picked our bridal party.... Sort of. He is waffling a bit, but I am set with my girls.
-I created a save-the-date and approved it by him. More on that later!
-I started looking at bridal gown styles and bridesmaid dress styles.
-I picked (and then changed) my colors. I will try to keep the new colors a secret until the save-the-date's go out.

Things we are trying to get done by the end of August:
-Pick a venue - we are actually trying to book a place and pay a deposit within the next 2 weeks, because YES, they are already booking for next August.
-Engagement photos - My dad will be our photographer for this to save some money. We need a photo for the save-the-date's.
-Get the save-the-date's printed so I can either print labels or just hand write the addresses, to send them out in October. (I know this is a bit early, but I am nervous about people planning vacations. Your thoughts?)
-Engagement party - Our moms are jointly planning this party for the 3rd weekend in August, 2010, exactly one year before we will get married.

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Jennifer said...

i am jennifer from the blog eighteen25 visiting from the girl creative for new friend fridays. what a awesome first post for me to read. that is exciting news and a very exciting time in your life!! planning a wedding is great fun... with a little stress to go along with it. i wish you and jon the best!!

kayni said...

what a wonderful way to propose. congratulations and i wish you well with the wedding prep.

Becky@whatslifewithoutwhimsy said...

Congrats on the engagement! I think how he hid the ring in the flowers for you is so cute! Enjoy it and don't forget to always enjoy each others company!

visiting from NFF

Mar Pics said...

Sounds like such a fun but stressy time. LOL, we just get to make cakes for people getting married.

I love how Jon proposed to you. Love that he made your hobby part of it.

H.B.Markor said...

Wow, that was an exciting walk! Congratulations on the engagement! I am impressed by your organizing already for the big day, that is a lot of stuff to have done already.

~Tonya~ said...

Congratulations on your engagement!! Great photos...visiting from MyChaosMyBliss with Cecily. :)

Amy said...

Congrats on the engagement!!!! I love how he did it! :) You are so organized for your wedding; I am so impressed!

Gail said...

WOW! Congratulations. What an awesome proposal story!! And gosh - you've hit the check list fast and furious!! Go girl!

Mrs. Claus said...

Awww what a sweet proposal! It gave my chills!

It will all work out, just remember at the end of the wedding day, if you are married . . . then the wedding was a success. LOL!

Melis said...

Aw, so proud of my little bro :o) When Just proposed to me, I thought he was going to tackle me into the lake at ND... veeeeery romantic ;-) And I'm also super impressed at how much you guys have done already - holy moly! I guess we were engaged longer, maybe? We got engaged uh, halfway through our Junior year and got married after we graduated... the only thing I had booked more than a couple months in advance was our church and only then because it was mandatory that you do so no more than a year out and on the day that booking opened for the next calendar year opened, I had to skip class to sit and repeatedly dial the phone... I felt like I was trying to win a radio contest... "Hi, am I the 21st caller for the Basilica?" Hah, funny the things we remember about the whole thing... Anyway, congrats again and if you need anything, lemme know!

Elly Yang said...

So sweet and special. Congratulations! This post reminds me of James' proposal and our engagement party. It's just like yesterday. I wish you all the best.

Hart Johnson said...

I adore how he knew you well enough to set it up like that (I am crying and laughing too)--what a sweetheart! This is really a FABULOUS proposal story!

Chary Johnson said...

I really did love this photo story. It was sweet and filled with so much emotion. Good luck to you and your husband-to-be!

The Mommy said...

Awesome story!! It was a good thing that you tugged along your camera. Those are great pictures and I'm sure they will find a special place in your photo collection. I'm just so happy for you. I like how you have wasted no time in gearing up for the wedding.
Congratulations once again:)
Oh and I really didn't want to "pin-point" a mistake for fun. I was just confused. And besides that shows that I'm a thorough follower and I really read your blog:)
Don't worry about it. Enjoy this special time of your life.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

That is such a lovely story. Loved how he asked you to take a picture of the blue flowers and you said they were pink!!!

Wishing you all the very best. With a lovely man like him by your side, you will be happy, I am sure.

Lynda said...

Amy, this was such a sweet story and what an imaginative way for Jon to propose! I think it's so wonderful he incorporated photography in his proposal to you! (I am tearing up over here, stupid hormones!)

You are about to begin such a wonderful and challenging journey. Are you guys living together now? My husband and I had such a rough first year even though we'd been living together for about a year before we got married. Communication and compromise saved us and continues to save us on a daily basis.

You have gotten SO much accomplished for your wedding! I'm not sure if you realize! I think the responsibilities you gave Jon are great! He should also be in charge of renting and returning the tuxes.

Have you thought about a honeymoon?

Whitney said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Amy! Yours is so cute and CONGRATS on the engagement! Enjoy every second!

Bec said...

Yay! I don't miss wedding planning one bit :) One thing we learned along the way, figure out what you can live without. There were a lot of things that people expect you to do just because everyone else does it. Well, we decided to make our wedding unique and cut out some of the stuff that didn't have any meaning to us and in the end saved quite a lot of money and still had a wedding that everyone agreed was so us.


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Your post was very sweet.... what a sneaky thing he pulled on you :)
Sonds like you are well organized good luck with everything!

Krystyn said...

Congratulations. What a great engagement story! And, the ring is beautiful.