Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - A Gazebo

the long road

Black and White Wednesday is run by Lisa over at
The Long Road to China.

This gazebo can be found at Osbornedale State Park in Derby, CT. I started my parks project here at this gazebo back in September 2009. I had found a entertainment map of CT and I was just skimming over the map, looking at all of the parks, when the idea hit me. I have SO MUCH free time in between my day appointments and my night fairs. Some days, I would sit in my car for 3-4 hours, just waiting. Why not make use of my time? That was when I decided to make a personal goal of visiting and photographing every single state park in the Constitution State.

Outstanding Blogger Award

This delightful award was recently given to me by Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos. Considering that Ashley is one of my most favorite-est bloggers EVER, I feel quite honored to get this award from her! Many thanks to you, Ashley!

I have no idea what the rules are for this award, so I am just going to pass it on to some more outstanding bloggers.

Laura over at Blogging From Bolivia
Lynda over at Daily Window
Mama Hen over at Mama's Little Chick
Cherees over at Our New Life
Courtney over at The Story of Us

Camera update

My Samsung point and shoot was sent back to the manufacturer AGAIN. In the meantime, I've been borrowing my dad's Nikon often, as well as a Canon from my future co-SIL, Melissa. I guess I should label my photos so you all know which ones have been taken with which camera. For example, the photo below was taken with the Canon.

Blogging update

I made 2 new blogs, but I don't expect anyone to follow them (although you are more than welcome to, if you are interested). They are for other purposes besides "Artistically Me," and I wanted to keep myself semi-organized. i heart reading is strictly for books and reading, while Finding Joy in Simple Pleasures... Photos was created solely for Photo Hunts.

Shutter Love


This week's theme is 4th of July.

I'm also linking up with Simplicity's Photography Blog Hop.
The theme this week is color.


Lynda said...

Awww. Thank you so much for the award! :)

The photo hunt thing is cool, so I'll be following that blog! I love reading too, but I don't get a chance to do it much since the kids.

I love that gazebo. Looks like the perfect place for a picnic!

Cherees said...

Thank you for the award!! I really need to get on this and post them to my blog. You would have thought that with sephy being gone now going off and on I would have extra time on my hands. :) I appreciate that you have been a great bloggy friend!!

beingzaraandzidan said...

hey Amy, Great pics. whenever i log on to my blog. i make it a point to visit u coz i love ur pics. great job!! keep it up!

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

Thank you Amy so much! I was so surprised when I read my comments this afternoon! This really means a lot to me & I love looking at your blog also! Have a wonderful rest of your day! ;)

Love Letters To China said...

Love this weeks photo. What a tranquil place to have a little quiet time or maybe a party.

Love your series. How many more parks do you have on the list to visit?

Natasha said...

Wow, what a jam-packed post. Each photo is gorgeous but I do love the one you took for the 4th of July.

Hope your camera is fixed quickly-what a pain!

Best wishes,

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The gazebo is beautiful, peaceful....and so inviting:)

Mama Hen said...

Hey Amy, thank you so much for this awqard! i really appreciate it! The gazebo picture is beautiful! I love gazebos. I hope you had a great 4th of July! Thank you again!

Mama Hen

Wanda said...

This gazebo shot is so inviting. What a great and unusual project - visiting all the state parks. Amazing.

Courtney said...

Congrats on your award! Ashley is great, isn't she? Great shot of the gazebo. Really nice!

kayni said...

i really like the black and white gazebo shot. thank you for sharing.

Laura said...

Aww thanks!! :)

I love your gazebo shot. The contrast is just right. I also like the flag shot... it's lovely.